First Aid for Radicals and Activists: Fight the power, do no harm. Downloadable handbooks on street medic preparation, good info on chemical weapons.

On this page are great downloadable handbooks for legal and jail preps, legal observer handbooks, & activist handbooks.

Good tips on how to be an effective police liason.

Additional resources on affinity groups – how to form them, roles, sample agenda’s etc.

Papers on Nonviolent Action and Cooperative Decision-Making: This website has a wealth of information, including very detailed agendas. Most of the material was developed in the 1980’s, and needs updating in response to current situations.

This site has training manuals for action planning, media, climbing, scouting, video taping, and hanging from a billboard. The orientation is Greenpeace-style small actions.

This training organization, led by George Lakey, has descriptions of exercises to be used during trainings.

On this web page you’ll find resources for nonviolent direct action and anti-oppression trainers/preparers and magical activism workshop facilitators. You’ll find sample agendas, exercises, wall charts, handouts, and notes on how trainings went.

Here you can find information on consensus decision making.

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