Contact some individuals like you who are helping to organize actions for climate justice across Canada:

On this blog you can find resources on how you can stand up for climate justice in Canada.

In the lead-up to critical United Nations climate change negotiations in Copenhagen this December, Canadians are demanding climate justice. We will no longer stand by while our government advocates for global climate policies that would consign millions of people to death. Climate science tells us we have to act boldly if we want to prevent nations and coastlines from going underwater, to stop crop failure and droughts, and to avert climate chaos.

Canadians in communities across the country are standing up for real solutions to climate change that strengthen and empower communities, that lift people out of energy poverty; we want our government to support solutions that provide sustainable, clean jobs and ensure a safe climate future. We need our government to support a just, ambitious and binding international climate treaty in Copenhagen, and Canada must do its part.

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